Ed Sheeran will truly be making a name for himself in America as rumours have surfaced that he and Taylor Swift have been dating since the Brit Awards.

A source told the Sun:

Taylor’s always loved Ed to bits, he’s just an adorably sweet guy who makes her laugh and feel really confident whenever they’re together.

Taylor and Ed spent the night together before the Brits at her hotel. They stayed up talking and putting the world to rights until 4am and by the end they were a couple again.

Again? Well that refers to the rumour that the two were dating back in October after they spent time together writing songs for Taylor’s album.

And as Taylor is known for writing break-up songs about every single relationship she’s ever been in, the source said:

When they split last year he always hoped if he played his cards right and just kept being her friend they’d get back together. They’ve both vowed not to have a nasty break-up and no matter what happens they’ll stay best pals like last time.

Let’s hope so because Ed will also be supporting Taylor on her US tour later this year.

These two together? Two emotional songwriters who thrive on writing about love songs and break-ups? Jeez, I wonder what their next albums will sound like.