It may come as no surprise to many that having ginger hair is not so cool when you’re at school!

Unfortunately for Ed Sheeran, his distinctive orange locks accompanied with thick round glasses didn’t do him many favours on the playground.


Talking to Australia’s Take 40, the popular singer-songwriter revealed:

I was quite a weird kid when I was little, I wore big glasses, had hearing problems, had a stutter and I had ginger hair…

ed sheeran baby pics

He went on to add that he fell victim to bullying because of his appearance when he was younger but is now grateful for his ginger hair as it makes him stand out in the music industry:

Being ginger can seem like a bad thing when you are young but as a musician it has been my saving grace – because if you see a ginger kid on TV and there is only one messy-haired ginger kid who plays guitar, it is very easy to find them on YouTube.

Even bullies couldn’t stop him from taking over the music charts worldwide and selling millions! In the words of Jessie J, “Who’s laughing now?”

It seems as though Ed sees his run-in with bullies at school as a learning experience and is not at all fazed by it as he said:

…I am now a successful musician and I have nothing to complain about.

Couldn’t have said it better myself!