Facebook has been sending out invites for their press event on 4 April. The invite has the headline “Come See Our New Home On Android”.

Rumors point to an Android phone (possibly made by HTC) running a modified version of the OS. This new OS would heavily integrate Facebook features into every part of the phone.

My instincts tell me we will probably see a completely redesigned Android Facebook App (with better integration into the OS) rather than a new phone.

Why do I think this? Well, a few years ago, Google and Facebook fell out over synchronizing contacts’ information in Android.

That dispute meant you could not sync your Facebook contacts on Google-branded devices running Android 4.0 (aka Ice Cream Sandwich). This didn’t affect the likes of Samsung and HTC who integrated Facebook into their Android handsets.

With Facebook wanting to learn as much about everyone as possible (for advertising purposes of course), it makes sense to fully integrate into the Android OS. Whether this is via an improved app or a homescreen replacement (like Nova or Apex) remains to be seen.

All eyes are firmly focused on the Facebook headquarters for 4 April.

What do you think Facebook will announce? Let me know in the comments below.