Disregarding the cold, wintery weather, hundreds of Coventry University students tracked through the snow to go and watch Giggs perform at Platinum Night Club last Friday night:



Unlike the occasion when RnB singer Angel performed, it seemed to be a peaceful fun-filled night with no fights breaking out in the club. However, when Angel performed there was a bigger crowd in comparison.

I suppose the snow did affect the turnout slightly.

During the 30 minute long set, Giggs performed classic hits such as Monsta Man that captivated the crowd as they sang along word for word.

In regards to his performance, one spectator stated:

He started off a bit weak… but towards the end it was good!

Another audience member added:

Giggs was sick! I loved it!

The popular rapper even took time out to take pictures with the fans!


After Giggs, the audience were also treated to another performance from Showa Shins, a rising UK Afrobeats artist.

When asked about the show, the musician claimed that he was pleased with the crowd’s response to his track Ogede produced by JRocs, considering it is a new song and the audience where mainly there for Giggs.

So I guess come rain, sleet, hail, tornadoes… You can rely on Giggs to put on a good show!