Left: Liam Gallagher, Right: Idris Elba with that bobble hat

According to witnesses, Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher attempted to start a fight with Idris Elba at the NME awards after party on Wednesday.

Whilst at the Ivy Club in Leicester Square, Liam apparently made fun of Idris’ bobble hat, a source said:

…He had a few words with Idris, poking fun at his bobble hat among other things. Idris looked like he was going to flatten him – they were on completely different wavelengths.

They were toe-to-toe at one point. Neither of them backed down. Idris was in a good mood, so left it, which was probably for the best. Liam left soon after.

So, basically, it was a few angry words over a bobble hat. We must admit, we had a bit of a giggle over it too – we hope we don’t get into Idris’ bad books…

Alrighty then…