Jessie J has stated that her second studio album, which will be the follow-up to her debut album Who You Are, will be released later on this year and has labelled the project as the love of her life.

The singer said she has been putting in twelve hour days in the studio, rewriting and laying down vocals to ensure that the project is as close to perfect as possible.

Speaking on the direction of the album, Jessie revealed that the songs would be reflective of the honest lyrics she’s best known for. However, this time around, the lyrical content will demonstrate her maturity as she started writing for her debut album when she was 18 and she is now 25.

She went on to say:

It’s still very honest, eclectic and broad: at times just me and a piano, some rock-pop, some soul – it’s sounding great. I’m really excited.

As she continues to tease more details about the album, I get more excited. I’m really interested to see what she’s going to come out with.