JLS seem to be the UK’s answer to Rihanna in terms of annual releases, as the boyband have confirmed that they will release yet another album later on this year.

The band are currently working on their 5th studio album that they will release this November (just like Rihanna) before their Evolution tour starts in December and have once again booked studio time with popular US producer, Rodney Jerkins aka Darkchild.

Band member Marvin said in a statement to the Daily Star that they are looking to work with a lot of fresh new producers for the project:

We’re booked in to go to LA and work with Rodney Jerkins again and are looking at some new people too. We’ll pool all our energy into new material and already have great stuff.

In fairness to the boys I think they’ve definitely silenced their critics who thought they would only be a case of fifteen minutes of fame, which they’ve actually outlasted. However, I feel as though since One Direction have shot to stardom, they’ve fallen off and have noticed that their younger peers are attracting the same audiences they once captivated.

With that being said, perhaps working with fresh new producers are just what the band need to put them back on top.

A lot of people noted the comparisons to their previous single Hottest Girl In The World sounding like an N Sync* or Justin Timberlake leftover, so maybe they’ll be able to come back with a new sound to reignite the public’s interest in their music.

What do you think? Are the band struggling to keep up with their younger competition?