Joan Rivers is at it again!

The controversial and arguably hilarious comedian and presenter of Fashion Police will certainly not be invited to Adele’s house for dinner any time soon.

The outspoken entertainer made several shocking comments about Adele’s weight while on the US chat show David Letterman, leaving audience members and viewers stunned and outrightly unimpressed by the comedian’s jokes.

What is her song? Rolling In The Deep? She should add Fried Chicken.


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Not stopping there, she then went on to making gestures imitating Adele’s large figure:

Offended fans took to Twitter to express their disgust in Joan’s behaviour:


Judging from Joan River’s flamboyant and outlandish jokes about other celebrities on E!’s Fashion Police, why are people so shocked? Let’s face it, Joan Rivers is most people’s guilty pleasure; we just love to hate her!