Last night, RnB veterans Jodeci were booed off stage at The Show concert held at Wembley arena, consisting of the most iconic RnB groups of the 90s.

The line-up included Blackstreet, Dru Hill, SWV, Changing Faces, Damage and Jodeci and the night had reportedly been off to an amazing start until Jodeci had stepped on stage to perform.

Allegedly only three members had turned up to perform as founding member Devante Swing couldn’t come due to a reported arrest at Heathrow Airport that’s said to be drug-related.

Just one song into their performance, group member Dalvin DeGrate leaped off stage to then struggle to get back on after his stint, causing his fellow band members to demand him to get back on stage, thus prompting a steward to assist him back on.

A 36-second Keek clip has emerged online shot by popular comedian and Choice FM presenter Kojo and he even went on to explain what had went down on the night.

Kojo then went on to give his own account of what had happened on the night in a series of other Keek videos he had uploaded.

He revealed:

Ladies and gentleman, Jodeci came on the stage and within 5 seconds one of them took the biggest drop I’ve ever seen! Mr Dalvin came out and his swagger was on one thousand, came out snapback, leathers on, man walked out to the front of the stage, took one dirty drop like he done a triple jump bredrin!

And it doesn’t sound like Kojo was exaggerating either, as some fans tweeted that the night was a complete train wreck:



Many people who attended the gig said that it had confirmed the group’s downfall. Some had even noted that they were jeopardizing what’s left of their legacy due to the horrific performance.

A Youtube video has surfaced showcasing Jodeci’s on the night:

Legendary singer Toni Braxton recently announced her retirement from music as she said it was no longer a passion of hers, so maybe they should take a note out of her book and bow out gracefully.

Did you attend the show? Have any pictures from the event? If you’ve got an account of the night’s events you’d like to share give us a shout in the comments because we’d love to hear your version of what went down.