Fans who have patiently been waiting for a new album from Katy B will soon be put out of their misery as the singer has announced that her new album is 95% done and will see a release this summer.

The singer is currently wrapping up the project and only plans to record for two more weeks, but has revealed she is still writing songs for the new album.

Katy spoke to Billboard about the album and says she’s really just finishing off the last few bits.

I’ve basically got some great tracks and I think I’ll just keep writing until the end. A lot of stuff is getting mixed and mastered at the moment, so you just never know when you can just write something special at the last minute.

For the new project she assures there will be plenty of bangers that her fans would expect to hear from her and confirms teaming up with producers Faser T Smith and Diplo and confirmed a reunion with producer Geeneus, who worked on most of her On A Mission album.

She says her new album will be rooted a lot more in relationships and love, which may shock some of her fans.

And I think this album is more focused on love and relationships and reality as well… having to think that you have to go throughout life, and sometimes you don’t realise you have to fight for your happiness.

Loyal fans of the singer should be on the look out for a new single from the album, which is is said to be coming very soon along with an album title.