Kwame O-A

On 2 March last year, 17-year-old Kwame Ofosu-Asare was chased and killed by a gang when he was mistaken for a rival gang member and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The gang had toured Brixton estates to take revenge for one of their own members being stabbed, and once they had caught up with Kwame, he was stabbed a total of fourteen times in his back. Fourteen.

Since Kwame’s death, rapper A.King, who is the best friend of Kwame’s older brother Kofi, has teamed up with Kwame’s childhood friend, a singer named Dejon, to produce a tribute track to Kwame titled, Dear Friend.


24-year-old rapper A.King

Dejon singing at Kwame’s funeral

The video, was shot at Brownhill Baptist Church where Kwame attended and his funeral took place.

A.King, Dejon and those who were involved in producing Dear Friend hope that the song raises awareness about knife crime and will leave a positive impact on those who hear it, particularly the young people who are caught up in gang violence and knife crime.

Kwame’s older brother said of the project:

Kwame was loved by many. This video highlights that. Everyone in the family has seen the video and is very happy with it.

A.King and Dejon are like brothers to me, so they felt the losing of a brother in Kwame. You hear that in the song and see it in the video. The song has truly honoured his memory.

Dear Friend is available to download free on MediaFire.

Additional reporting by Ruvimbo Gumbochuma