Leona Lewis has often spoken out about her vegan diet and being an animal rights activist, so it’s fitting that she has been made the brand activist for cosmetics branch The Body Shop.


Working with The Body Shop, Leona will bring out her own limited edition cruelty free and 100% vegetarian make up and fragrance range.

Talking about the contract with The Body Shop, Leona said:

I’m passionate about beauty and I’m all about animal rights and Community Fair Trade. As a result, I’m really conscious of where the products that I use come from.  The Body Shop sells cruelty-free, ethically-sourced products containing amazing Community Fair Trade ingredients.

Everything it creates has real soul – they call it “Beauty With Heart” – and I love being a part of that. The collaboration is a natural fit and I’m proud to be their Brand Activist!

To me, Beauty With Heart means that you can be sure that the beauty product you’re using has not hurt any person or animal in the process of being made. The power to choose Beauty With Heart is in every consumer’s hands; I don’t believe people would choose anything else if they knew they had a choice.


She will also be raising awareness for cruelty free products in collaboration with the Cruelty Free International Pledge and NGO Cruelty Free International.