Former Pussycat Doll and X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger is reportedly demanding a £1.5million fee in order for her to return to UK X Factor this year.

According to the Daily Mirror, Nicole is negotiating doubling her current fee of £750,000 in a payrise demand to return to this year’s show; despite insiders claiming that Simon Cowell had already given her a financial offer.

Sources from the show noted that once Kelly Rowland had departed the judging panel last year, Nicole was drafted in to take her place in a hurry and didn’t have time to negotiate a deal. This has left her having to have talks about doubling her pay, despite having two of her own acts in last year’s final with James Arthur being the winner.

A source said:

This time around, she is understandably playing hardball. She knows that she is the judge that people are still talking about.

I appreciate the fact that she produced a winning act last year, but Nicole what did you actually bring to the panel that makes you a judge that is still talked about?

If anyone needs to make it a comeback it should be Kelly Rowland, she was controversial and honest while providing hilarious commentary, I don’t feel like Nicole gave me any of those moments.

Do you think Nicole should be given a pay rise? Is she still an X Factor judge that you still talk about?