After what seemed like a lifetime later, the BBC finally broadcast Beyonce’s HBO documentary last night and all of UK Twitter yawned.

In a very Michael Jackson styled documentary the megastar revealed her previously hidden private life with lots of personal footage stretching from her childhood to her life as a married woman with a young family.

Some viewers decided that they still felt a disconnect with Beyonce, while many others commended the documentary for revealing a more human-side to an often shut off and reserved superstar.

Life Is But A Dream documented Beyonce’s early career beginnings, showing intimate footage that the singer’s family had recorded and demonstrating her dedication to her craft. The programme also showed the career challenges she has faced along the way, including finding her level of fame slightly overwhelming and at times, hard to keep up with.

Beyonce also let fans into some of her most personal and intimate footage, featuring excerpts from personal diaries she had shot on her laptop. These moments revealed the gamut of her emotions as she sat and spoke to the camera, in what was supposed to be open and frank sharing.

Highlights included moments when she opened up about firing her father from his role as her manager, going on to say that she felt the business relationship had been adversely affecting their father/daughter relationship.


Beyonce toasts Jay-Z on his birthday

Another highlight was the footage taken as she made a speech to her husband, Jay-Z at a dinner on his birthday in which she thanked him for all he had given her and done for her.


o2 Bonnie & Clyde. Husband and wife share a touching sing-a-long to Coldplay’s Yellow

But even that may have been topped by the footage of the pair singing along to Coldplay’s debut hit Yellow, clearly showing that they are indeed best friends.


In another segment, we got to see her let her hair down in a few scenes, as she participated in karaoke with her sister Solange and former band mate Kelly Rowland on a girls night in, singing and laughing away to The Cardigans classic, Lovefool.


BOSSY: Beyonce chastises show producers who have not followed her instructions… again

For those who felt that the singer always played it safe and a little boring with her personality, we got to see her more demanding and affirmative side as she took control of the preparations for her performances and shows, reinforcing the fact that she is very much hands-on about her business.


With Child: Beyonce’s silhouette during her pregnancy

One of the scenes that may have surprised some viewers was when Beyonce spoke about her feelings surrounding the rumours that she used a surrogate to carry her baby, and she even inserted a few slow motion shots showing her growing baby bump in an effort to silence naysayers.

Some may question why this segment need to be silhouetted while others will take is as concrete evidence that she was in fact with child.

So, what was the overall reaction from UK viewers on Twitter?

Well, some felt that they had gained a newfound respect for Beyonce after watching the documentary, while some claimed it was a desperate attempt at maintaining relevance ahead of her new album and world tour.

But here are some of the best tweets we found while we were interacting with some of our Twitter followers as well as general receptions others had said:

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Some more general tweets, including some from UK celebrities, about the documentary included:


So, the overall response from the documentary seems quite positive.

I think a lot of people were happy that they got to see the real behind-the-scenes Beyonce and, while she was clearly selective with what she put in the documentary, she seemed to have achieved her goal – which was to not come across as a robot. Although at times when she spoke, she did sound like one.

How did you feel after watching Life Is But A Dream? Did it change your perception of Beyonce at all, or do you feel that she still didn’t do enough to convince you?

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NB: If you missed it, Life Is But A Dream is available on BBC iPlayer until 5 April