It seems like Rihanna won’t be bowing down to Beyonce anytime soon, as UK music channel 4Music have just announced that Rihanna is Britain’s Most Influential Pop Star.

The list is quite similar to how MTV’s Hottest MC list is composed, however the 4Music list is an analysis of each artists social media activity, airplay and press coverage; thus making Beyonce fall in second place behind Rihanna.

Other notable artists who made the list include Rihanna’s on-and-off best friend Katy Perry, as well as One Direction but, when Rihanna posted her achievement on her Instagram account it was her caption that set some Beyonce fans off when she wrote the particular line:

How does it feel down there on your knees, huh?!

Prompting members of the Beyhive to believe that Rihanna was speaking about Beyonce’s lyrics in her viral single, Bow down:



Of course the post was going to course chaos between both artists sets of fans on Twitter, take a peep at some of the mayhem between the Rihanna Navy vs Beyhive below:



I have a feeling that this won’t be ending anytime soon, especially with Beyonce set to return to the scene.

This is definitely going to get interesting, I just wonder how many of you feel that Rihanna is indeed the most influential pop star in Britain and if so, why?

Leave your responses in the comments as always!