In the latest in the Azealia Banks and Rita Ora Twitter scandal, we all thought Rita would remain calm and maintain her cool.

Nobody thought it would come to this but Rita couldn’t keep quiet anymore.


And while not responding publicly, Rita, in as far as one can be a lady in this situation decided to take the matter offline and sent the loud horsemouth New Yorker a text message. She kept it simple, she kept it open and honest, but she managed to also keep it gansta.

And being the dickhead motormouth she is, Azealia decided to Instagram the text.

Are we watching a Britney train crash in front of our very eyes? We all thought it was Bieber but maybe the real story is Azealia Banks.

Both are due to perform in a just a few hours at the Adelaide Future Music Festival in Australia. What do you think will happen when they meet at the show?