Following the recent beef between Shystie and Azealia Banks over Shystie’s video for her song Control It, Shystie has released a diss track exclusively to BBC’s 1Xtra by the name of Doppelganger.

With the song premiering on Charlie Sloth’s show today, Shystie went in on Azealia’s rapping skills, her tweets and her appearance (getting her back for the “pizza face” tweet I’m sure).

Shystie also went ahead and tweeted this message:


And just for the fun of it, I’ve picked out some of the best punchlines:

You have a chin bigger than Jay Leno

If I pull that wig, you’ll find Bugs Bunny teeth on a burnt out twig

You don’t write your own rhymes, hello, you’re just a puppet on a string, for your label

Gremlin, and when you ain’t dressed all glammed up – burnt out stripper

You’re blacker than T-Pain

Now, I don’t even know who Azealia is, I must have been talking to a doppelganger

Or… just to hear it all for yourself, head over to Shystie’s SoundCloud to hear a radio rip of the track.

Now we can all assume that it won’t be long till Azealia has her own comeback… who do you think will come harder?