I’m sure many people were a little sad about missing out on getting tickets to possibly one of the biggest comebacks in urban history, but imagine going there to perform and being refused entry?

Well, this is what happened to Skepta last night when he tried to get into the first show of So Solid’s They Don’t Know tour at London’s Indigo2:


So despite performing at the Indigo2 himself at Wiley’s Eskimo Dance nights – as recently as last November – Skepta was told that he was not allowed into the concert because he might attract ‘gang members’:


A source told us that Skepta was due to perform We Begin Things with Megaman at the show, and once Mega had heard about Skepta’s denied entry he became annoyed. He gave a shoutout to Skepta on the mic describing their song as the track that kicked off the So Solid comeback in the first place and was noticeably angry about Skepta not being able to perform it.

It resulted in Skepta being forced to settle to watch the show streamed live on the internet:


Our source also told us that when they asked police officers why Skepta was denied entry, they were told that any decision for an artist to be refused into a venue was under the request of the venue itself, with the rules being enforced by the police officers.

I got in contact with the Indigo2 and they refused to comment on why Skepta was refused entry saying that they wouldn’t disclose that information publicly, however they did say:

If anyone isn’t allowed in it’s between the venue and that person who was not allowed.

Alrighty then.

Strange, seeing as Skepta has performed at the very same venue a number of times before.

Wretch 32 also had some problems attending the show, tweeting a more crytic sad face at the time:


What’s going on there?