In a recent interview with Flavour magazine, Jade Ewen has revealed that the Sugababes will be recording new music by the end of this year:

We do have plans to do so[recording]. There’s so much happening at the moment. I’m doing Steffi as well as a solo project which I am really enjoying, and I think I can say the same for Heidi and Amelle.

We’re all just kind of taking the opportunity to explore other areas and aspects of our careers. I think we will probably come back together again at the end of the year. There will definitely be more recording, but there is no release date anytime soon.

The girls have been on a hiatus for a while, whilst original Sugababes members Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan have been creating a comeback buzz. This has led fans to wonder about the future of the new Sugababes and whether they’ll even carry on at all.

However, it’ll be interesting to hear how the Sugababes plan to compete against MKS, whose new album has been in the works over the last year.