Azealia Banks and Shystie together when shit was all mermaids and dope

Azealia Banks and Shystie together when shit was all mermaids and dope

Ever since Shystie released the video her new single Control It from her latest EP Pink Mist, Azealia Banks and her record label Interscope have been trying to get the video removed, saying it went against Azealia’s labels wishes.

However, Interscope seem to have bullied Shystie into privatising the video to Control It; which is Shystie’s own single and features Azealia.

Shystie’s camp issued an official statement saying:

The familiar tale of the Major Label vs the Independent artist rears its ugly head in the latest argument between Shystie and Interscope Records.

UK female emcee Shystie is independently taking on Interscope as they stepped in to stop the release of her new track Control It featuring US artist Azealia Banks. The two female stars have enjoyed a successful friendship having been introduced on Twitter and consequently featuring on each other’s tracks. Azealia Banks recorded Control It with Shystie and the controversial new video was shot in late 2012 with full co-operation and agreement from everyone involved.

However it seems that the power of the major label is being used to dominate the plans and the success of the independent artist as Interscope appear to have stepped in saying they want to stop the release going ahead, despite full support from Azealia’s camp prior to the videos release on Sunday 3 March via US site

Shystie… has never been one to be backed in to a corner; let alone by a powerful corporation.

After featuring on Azealia’s song Neptune for her Fantasea mixtape and since they became such close friends, it only seemed right that Azealia return the favour and feature on one of Shystie’s tracks.

And as far as Shystie’s independent label Starworks knew, Interscope had no problem and were fully supporting the track. It’s only recently that the major label have decided that they’re unhappy…

In a second statement sent from her PR, Shystie said:

At this stage I haven’t got a clue what her label’s problem is, everyone was happy and the video’s hot…time will tell.

Whilst the reasons for Interscope wanting the video to be removed are unclear, is it possible that it’s because it’s not in line with Azealia Banks’ ongoing projects? She is a fairly new artist.

Or maybe she’s just unhappy with how the video turned out, as her recent tweets would suggest:

azealia-tweet1 azealia-tweet2

Pappzd contacted Azealia’s UK publicist who refused to comment. We also called and sent an email to her US publicist but had not received a response at the time of publishing.

Also, we checked for the video and it has been marked as private. Not removed, but private. Boo.