The Saturdays hosted their first Google+ Hangout yesterday, along with well known Youtubers Shirley B Eniang, Tom Law, Klaire Delys, World of the Orange and Pixiwoos.

Each Youtuber asked different members of the Saturdays different questions, with topics varying from music, beauty, fashion and Rochelle’s pregnancy.

Molly and Vanessa spoke to Shirley first, answering questions about their favourite current fashion trends and discussing whether they preferred rocking a red lip or a smokey eye.

the-saturdays-google-hangout (1)

Vanessa also spoke to the boys of World of the Orange, where they showed the rest of the Google+ Hangout their strange (but seemingly fun) hand copying game.

The chat then moved on to Molly and Una, who spoke to Tom Law and discussed the process of music making and songwriting within the group. Talking about how close they were as friends, they even revealed that they sometimes wrote emotional break-up songs about each other’s relationships!

the-saturdays-google-hangout (2)


It was then the turn of Rochelle and Frankie, who spoke to Youtuber Klaire Delys about their favourite makeup brands – which happen to be Urban Decay and Mac – and their involvement in their styling for their videos.


The girls later spoke to Youtube make up artists Sam and Nicola, who go the name Pixiwoo, about pregnancy and make up secrets.

Check out the full Hangout below: