Speaking to the Daily Star, Tulisa has said that she wants her second solo album to be more “urban”  saying she wants to take her sound “back to basics”.

She’s possibly had this sound re-think after the performance of her first solo album, The Female Boss,  which only reached number 35 in the UK charts.

My first single Young got to No 1, and that’s because it was a very UK-sounding track – and I realise now that’s what the fans want.

She also stated that she wouldn’t be working with big time American producers like she did on The Female Boss:

I’ve been offered the opportunity to go back to the US and work with massive producers, but I said no as I want to be more urban. I’ve been saying to ground-level UK writers: ‘Send me beats.’

So any UK producers out there, if you think you can help Tulisa out then maybe send her a beat? Maybe?