Last night, Wiley decided to leak his brand new album titled The Ascent twelve days early as he revealed that iTunes would not allow him to make a change to a mistake he had made on the album, once he had sent it over to them.


The rapper announced on his Twitter page last night that if iTunes did not contact him regarding the change to the album he would leak the project by 7pm, teasing fans with a zip download file he had ready to post and leak the album.

Wiley also expressed that he had several problems with his management team who had not been communicating with some of his requests up, until he was ready to share a free link to his album.

Have a look at some tweets he posted during the lead up to the controversial leak, which was originally scheduled for a 1 April release:


He then went on to speak about the controversy of leak, stating that in the past he had previously downloaded other artists for free but always supported their projects upon their release dates:


Following  the album’s early release, many of his Twitter followers seemed to be feeling the album and met positive reviews from fans and followers of Wiley, some even claimed the body of work was perfect!

Here are just a few responses to the album:


For his sake, I hope those who claim to love the album will actually go out and support it on 1 April. He’s released some smashes over the past year, so it would be a shame to see his commercial success not match his album sales.

I also wonder what backlash he’ll face from his label if the sales of he album do not meet expectations and if it’s messed up any promotional scheduling to push the project? Time will tell, I’m sure he’ll keep us updated through Twitter!

Have you had a chance to listen to the album? Was it the right thing to do? Give us a shout below and tell us what you think!