ITV bosses have escaped severe complaints made by Pink tribute act X Factor contestant Zoe Alexander, who claimed she had been unfairly misrepresented during her time on the show.

The contestant was shown on the hit UK singing competition swearing and pushing people backstage at the end of her performance for her idol Pink’s song, So What.

During her broadcast on the show on 18 November 2012, the impersonator revealed that she was a tribute act to the American singer and despite telling judges she wanted to  move away from her tribute act lifestyle, she proceeded to continue to live up to her tribute life persona anyway.

Once she had not received the reception she had hoped for, she had an outburst which included throwing her microphone off stage, excessive swearing and even attacking a cameraman backstage. She claimed her violent rage was due to her feeling like she had been sabotaged and set up by the show’s producers.

She also accused them of ignoring her song choice requests and says that they insisted on her appearing as her Pink persona.

After Zoe had made complaints about the ITV show to broadcast regulator Ofcom, they had concluded that the judges comments were balanced and noted that her behaviour after her audition was unacceptable by any standards.

A spokesperson for the regulator said:

Accordingly, Ofcom has not upheld Miss Alexander’s complaint of unjust or unfair treatment in the programme as broadcast.

Another complaint was then made by her father who joined his daughter on stage when she became upset from judges comments and claimed footage had been edited to create an unfair impression of him and his behaviour.

Ofcom had confirmed that they had rejected his complaint as they had found that editing had not taken place, adding:

Ofcom therefore found no unfairness to Mr Smith in this respect.

I bet she’s wishing she hadn’t bothered going through all the trouble now!