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Zoe Griffin

The launch of blogger and news columnist Zoe Griffin’s book, Get Rich Blogging, took place yesterday at the Google Campus. Wearing a jumpsuit by London based designer Nina Naustdal, Zoe hosted the event with celebrity guests such as Leo the Lion and model and fitness trainer Derrick Twum.

Zoe Griffin and Leo the Lion

Zoe Griffin and Leo the Lion

Zoe Griffin who writes a fashion column for very.co.uk and is the editor of her own website Live Like A VIP blog wrote the book Get Rich Blogging in the hope of passing on what she’s learnt in the industry and teaching it to others:

I manage my three assistants who work on my site and they’re young in the industry. I just give them advice on things like how to meet people and just help them grow, so by the time they’ve left me they’re ready to go somewhere new.

They help me and I help them.

When talking about the process of writing her book, Zoe said:

I had a deadline, an I completely left it until the last minute. I had to write 80,000 words in three weeks. It came to the point where I was writing 5,000 words a day; I go running in the morning then do 2,000 words till lunchtime, 1,000 at dinner and 2,000 in the evening.

I was dead.

When asked what inspired her to write her book, she commented:

People always asked me how to make money from blogging, how I got into the industry… so I thought instead of repeating myself, I’d just write about it.

I look at the famous bloggers like Perez Hilton, and just admire their work. I want to teach people how to get into that kind of work.

Zoe’s book, Get Rich Blogging, will be available for sale in Amazon and Waterstones.