To promote a new Alton Towers ride, JLS’ Aston Merrygold, can be seen wearing a creepily wide smile made from prosthetic make up and special effects.


The £18million ride called The Smiler will be revealed at the theme park in May and Alton Towers recruited Aston to display exaggerated effects of what the new ride will to do people who go on it.

Speaking on the ride, Aston said:

I had a shock when I looked in the mirror for the first time. It was definitely an extreme transformation and shows how intense The Smiler is going to be.

Alton Towers says the ride is going to ‘marmalise’ you, making you feel spaced out and mashed up, and judging by the way I look in these images I’d say that is pretty spot on.

I’m a massive roller coaster fan and I can’t wait to experience the real thing.


The ride has been described as a “complete physical and mental assault”, with a “series of psychological effects”; going up to 85km/hour and consisting of 30 metre drops.

Watch Aston getting transformed below: