ITV’s Big Reunion show have claimed that they would be doing a second series with a new batch of groups and apparently, one of the group considered to join is UK RnB group Big Brovaz.

Apparently bandmember J-Rock posted a video on his Keek account, showing him and the other male members of Big Brovaz at the ITV studios.

In the since deleted video J-Rock says:

We’re in ITV at the moment discussing a Big Reunion… who knows?

However, following the story being reported by Digital Spy, J-Rock tweeted:


Big Brovaz’ success took a dive after member Flawless was found to be in possession of cannabis in 2004 and later being dropped by their record label due to successive poor record sales.

So… will there be a reunion or not?


Only recently, Cherise and Nadia from the group were discussing making a comeback with their group Booty Luv.

It’ll actually be good to see the the full group back on our TV screens.