It seems that ever since Beyonce had announced tour dates for her Mrs.Carter world tour, everyone has been trying to get their hands on a pair of tickets and they seem to even be on the priority list of top UK burglars!

Burglars reportedly stole £2,500 worth of IT equipment and tickets to Beyonce’s world tour during a break-in at Newport City Signs, southeast Wales between last Saturday night and Monday morning.

Despite taking place last week, details about the incident have only begun to surface.

Thieves had smashed an upstairs window and climbed up a ledge to get into the Chepstow Road shop, and owner Alan Wilkinson had opened up the building to find the place destroyed with drawers and cupboards scattered across the floor.


Items stolen during the break-in included two laptops, a 36inch Sanyo flat-screen television, two Beyonce tickets, worth £75 each, and two Easter eggs.

The tickets to the singer’s live show belonged to worker Chris Prior who had bought the tickets for the 7 May, at the Manchester leg of her world tour which kicks off in Serbia this upcoming Monday.

Chris had put them on eBay as he could no longer attend the show and had attracted bids of up to £300, but has since had to withdraw his items from the popular bidding site.

Mr Prior said in regards to the incident:

It was just unbelievable really, we just thought, what bad luck.

For those of you attending the show, could you imagine standing next to a burglar in your row turning up in a balaclava and all black everything?

Seems like they may have got fed up with the battle to get tickets for the sold out show – if you’re attending the 7 May show just hope they won’t be standing anywhere near you!