Calvin Harris

Michael Jackson previously held the record for having seven Top 10 hits chart from one album on his 1987 critically acclaimed album Bad.

But that accolade has now been beaten by Scottish pop producer Calvin Harris who now has eight Top 10 hits taken from his current LP, called 18 Months.

Over the past few years the producer has spawned mega hits for big artists like Rihanna (We Found Love), Kelis (Bounce), and his Euro club banger collaboration with Ne-Yo on their song, Lets Go.


Calvin set the new record last Sunday for his collaborative effort with Ellie Goulding on their song I Need Your Love when the song peaked at No.7 on the UK charts, thus defeating the King of Pop’s previous record.

The producer took to his Twitter account to share his achievement by saying:

However, he then went on to acknowledge that he wasn’t quite on MJ’s level by adding:

Calvin dropped 18 Months last October and it has gone on to sell 543,000 copies. His recent chart surge will most probably see the project receive a sales boost.

I’m sure a lot of people will have a lot of mixed reactions to this one, I mean he can hardly be considered an artist when he can hardly be heard on his own songs.