The Tobiloba Family

Deborah Kolade, the CEO of Fame Production Company has released a new YouTube online comedy/drama series Cultural Differences, written, produced and starring Deborah herself.

Deborah who is currently studying law, plays 16-year-old Michelle a college student living with her Nigerian family.


The Campbell Family

Following two families (the Tobiloba’s and the Campbells), Cultural Differences looks at the stereotypes that arise within families from Afro-Caribbean backgrounds living in the UK and goes even deeper to explore the differences between the African and Caribbean cultures.

There are even cultural differences within the Nigerian family itself, with the dad being from a different tribe as he is a Yoruba man and the mum is an Igbo woman. The web series shows how they raise their two children by enforcing their different cultures.


The Campbell Family

And on the flipside, there is Jamaican mother Ms Campbell (played by Sharron Spice) who had gotten pregnant at the teenage age of 17 and was faced with raising her child alone as a single parent. She tries to ensure that her daughter avoids making the same mistakes she had made at such age.

Check out the first episode below: