The Sun have recently released a video of Dappy in the corridors of Cadbury House Hotel in Bristol, acting drunk, stumbling all over the place with a white powdery substance on his nose.

The recording took place on Sunday 14 April at 11am, with Dappy stating “I’m drunk,” guests asking him if he’s okay and telling him that he “has something on his face”.

Laura Ford, 30, who was at the hotel told the Sun:

We saw his head poking out of the door and we started calling him and he came out. Maids were cleaning the rooms and he kept walking into the rooms and shouting for someone called Ryan.

He had this white powder on his nose. We couldn’t tell what it was and my mate asked him if he’d been kissing a snooker cue. He kept asking the maid to open his door again. He was stumbling around — it went on for about 20 minutes.

Since the release of the video, Dappy has taken to Twitter to say that his drink was spiked:dappy-drunk-tweet1 dappy-drunk-tweet2 dappy-drunk-tweet3

His lawyer has also since released a statement on Dappy’s behalf saying:

After performing on Saturday night, a whole load of mates came back to my hotel.

Some girls there were messing about with make-up and talcum powder trying to make me look like Tony Montana from Scarface. What you can see on my face is talcum powder.

Messing about with talcum powder? Fun times!