Pappzd was contacted by an insider who told us that Beenie Man’s hook in his and Sean Paul’s new track Greatest Gallis had strong similarities with UK artist Rafroman’s song, Getta Gyal.


Rafroman, who was the winner of MOBO’s 2012 Unsung Hero competition in Norwich, released his song Getta Gyal five months ago on SoundCloud as a way for him to break into the bashment industry.

The SoundCloud image showing when the song was released

The SoundCloud image showing when the song was released

Rafroman’s management sent the vocal version of the track, which features Stylo G, to Jamaica for DJs to listen to to create some buzz and get some feedback on the song, however Jordan told me that Raf was being a little difficult:

Raf was being quite difficult when it came to the song… it kept being sent back and forth and eventually they told us that they weren’t interested.

We sent the vocal version of the song to Jamaica and we don’t know what the reason was, maybe they wanted a Jamaican artist on it, we don’t really know what happened.

A screenshot of the song file and the date it was modified

A screenshot of the song file and the date it was modified

It later came to the attention of Raf’s management that a line in Beenie Man’s song Greatest Gallis sounded almost identical to the opening line of Raf’s song Getta Gyal.

We’ve started a blog, and we have a research team who are always on the lookout for new music and news and things like that. So they were just generally checking out new music then we came across Beenie Man’s newest song, and it was then that we realised that the songs sounded the same.

Jordan also told me that Rafroman and his management were trying to chase up the details and find out exactly what happened. Rafroman’s YouTube page has since been shut down.

We’re not exactly trying to say Beenie Man stole the lyrics – we don’t know what happened. But the vocal version was sent to Jamaica and people have heard it; the original Rafroman version is probably still circulating.

I don’t know if it’s a diss to Rafroman, or if he stole the song… I don’t know. We had copyright on the song and everything, but since Beenie’s song came out Rafroman’s YouTube page has been shut down with no warning and no explanation.


 We just want Raf’s side of the story to be heard as we’re still trying to work out what happened.

Have a listen to Rafroman’s Getta Gyal on his SoundCloud and compare it to Beenie Man and Sean Paul’s Greatest Gallis.

Is it a case of a bigger artist copying off a lesser known artist? Or… just a strange coincidence?