Emeli Sande has advised any upcoming singers to avoid going on the X Factor, stating the show isn’t creatively beneficial and describing the process as “depressing”.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the 26-year-old singer suggested that the talent competition wasn’t the best way to get into the music industry:

I find it quite depressing. I find it sad that four people are judging these people and really knocking their confidence.

I don’t think I would have considered appearing on The X Factor. I would have been able to sing but I don’t like the fact that nobody creates on the show. Writing needs to be encouraged.

Finding an entry into the business isn’t easy so I understand why people do it. You can tell when people want to be musicians or want to be famous.

The kids who need music in their lives should just focus on their craft.

I’d say don’t be in a rush. The pressure they put on kids is for it to happen right now, but your talent will always be there.

Does Emeli have a point? With the show coming on every single year, it is kind of like a factory churning out popstars. However, some exceptions like James Arthur mean that some of the winners are given some creative control.

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