April Fools day is the one day that no one is safe from falling prey to a prank. We managed to catch out a few well known fibbers and rounded up the best five fashion and beauty April Fools pranks.

1. Scope Bacon Mouthwash


For those who want an early breakfast, Scope came up with a mouthwash which was bacon flavoured.



2. American Eagle Spray-On Jeans






Skinny jeans gets even skinnier, with American Eagle’s offering of spray on jeans.


3.Google Nose

images (1)

Good news for all perfume lovers, Google Nose promised to help you find out a smell whilst on the go. How handy!


4. Givenchy-designed Subway Worker Uniforms


NYC subway workers got their own unique outfits created by none other than designer Givenchy. Snazzy, eh?


5. Urban Outfitters Sleevless Maxi Dress


Urban Outfitters took it to the extreme with a one day special selling maxi tube dresses.. the fashion brand even created an advertisement to fool us even further. Check it out below:

You jokers, you!