Jade Ewen and Louis Smith Zumba launch

Jade Ewen and Louis Smith MBE donned sporty Zumba gear on Wednesday night as the new Zumba Fitness Ambassadors for a new fitness charity initiative.

The-Zumba-Great-Calorie-Drive-Launch-Pacha-London (4)

The fitness event took place at Pacha nightclub to promote the launch of global charity campaign, The Great Calorie Drive.

The Zumba instructors conducted a pop-up fitness class on the dancefloor, with Louis and Jade leading at the front and occasionally taking to the stage to teach the class.

The-Zumba-Great-Calorie-Drive-Launch-Pacha-London (6)

The initiative asks users to check in to Zumba classes through the app to log in their calorie use, with an average of 750 calories being donated to combat world hunger. The free app is available on iTunes and the Google Play store and more information about the initiative can be found on the official Zumba website.

Check out our gallery of the launch below: