Leona Lewis appeared on stage for the first night of her Glassheart tour in Berlin yesterday.

Wearing her hair in a sleek high ponytail, she dressed in a black crop top with a daringly low cleavage and a pair of loose fitting smart black trousers.


Not much is right about this outfit. Ignoring the white piece of fabric hanging from the back of it, the top isn’t too bad.



Unfortunately the trousers are ill-fitting for her body type as the waist is too tight, making her look bigger than it is. Also, it’s not tailored properly as it’s at an awkward length that half covers her shoes and half doesn’t, meaning there’s a gathering of the fabric at her ankles.

Overall, this outfit is a no-no, hopefully she’ll do better on the other show dates.

Pappzd Verdict: Hang The Stylist