No matter how much Leona Lewis tries to tell the world that she’s edgy, outspoken and loud, the media keeps trying to force her back into the meek and quiet box.


Leona seems to have had enough of this as the singer has set up a blog called Lee-Loy – with her friend Maloy – to give her fans a chance toget to know the “real her”.


Leona and Maloy

In the About page of the blog, Leona writes:

…I feel people have never really gotten to know the REAL me.

The media like to portray me as very shy, timid and quiet, but really I’m extremely open, strong willed and can’t be shut up! So this blog is me talking to the world as my friend, where you’ll get to know me for me.

Not the media portrayal by some arsey journalist who can’t do their job properly.

I see.

Well considering her Twitter rant over the weekend, I’m in no doubt that Leona can be feisty when she wants to be.