If you are looking for a show where you can sit in a dark auditorium, and blend in with the rest of the audience enough to be able to let your thoughts wander away from the play when it suits you, then Moving Stories is not the show for you.

Starting at Riverside Studios’ foyer, the audience is separated in to smaller groups and appointed to a guide.

Navigating us around the local area of Hammersmith, our guide points out ordinary attributes of the area, commenting on the many layers of the area built up over time; noting in particular how the massive flyover cuts just above an old neighbourhood church, and how a council estate is now right beside what has become one of the most expensive streets in London.

Feeding us with interesting facts and anecdotes about Hammersmith and its history as we were led form place to place and handed Haribos really made us take a second look at what usually seems so commonplace.


During our tour, we met a variety of different people who work in Hammersmith. Walking in to their working environment, they welcomed us in and shared their stories.

One of the most memorable was a barmaid at a local pub.

Whilst working at the same pub for 10 years, after visiting Rome a couple of years ago (her first time outside of the UK), she is now volunteering at The National Gallery and studying to become an archaeologist.

Each person who told us their story, shared with us how they came to work in London, and they all had their own personal reasons for why they loved staying or returning to the city.

Moving Stories was definitely an eye opener, and is a great way to refresh your outlook on London and the people who live and work here. Expect your stereotypes to be broken!

The last show of this run of Moving Stories was on 4 April, however being such a successful show, be sure to check the official website for any updates on future shows.