Collabo dance event at East London Dance

Established by Tony Adigun, who is also artistic director of Got To Dance, Collabo has for a long while been an important event in every dancer’s diary.

With so much competition and rivalry within the dance scene, Collabo provides a refreshing alternative to many dance shows and invites top UK dancers to work together, resulting in astounding performances.


After an impressive insight into what the next generation of finest street dancers, Avant Garde Elves, has to offer, our host for the night Ricky Norwood (aka Fatboy from Eastenders) introduced dancer and choreographer Sean Graham to the audience.

Collabo dance event at East London Dance

Choreographic Challenge has become a tradition of Collabo, and this year, it was Sean Graham’s turn to take up the challenge.

Given a group of dancers, a piece of music and themes chosen by the audience, Sean was given the task of choreographing a piece of dance
and to have it ready to perform before the end of the show.

Oh and also, just to make things interesting, the audience chose Sean an opera song and decided on the themes of weather and chicken.

Collabo dance event at East London Dance

Whilst Sean and his dancers got to work, we were treated to a string of performances, with Avant Garde Dance giving the stand out performance of the night with their spectacle Dear Koob.

The piece saw the dance company use props to their advantage. With the staged layered in scrunched up pages, it was each dancers intention to get their hands on a red book.

Exactly what kind of knowledge was to be found in this book was for audience members to decide for themselves, leaving the whole piece open for interpretation.

Collabo dance event at East London Dance

Lukas McFarlane, winner of this year’s Got To Dance made a special guest appearance and didn’t let us down, giving a truly impassioned performance, all whilst sporting his trademark one sock.


With the night coming to an end, it was time to see what Sean Graham had managed to put together for his Choreographic Challenge. Being an incredibly unique performance, the easiest way to explain what happened next is: an extremely graceful and yet hilarious version of the chicken dance.

Collabo dance event at East London Dance

Collabo should be back around the same time next year, but tickets sell out fast so be sure to keep an eye on Tony Adigun’s website and Twitter to find out the exact dates.