On Saturday 30 March Tyler, The Creator performed a one-off show at London’s o2 Academy in Islington promoting his forthcoming album titled Wolf, which is Tyler’s third solo album following Bastard and Goblin.

Walking up to the venue you could see the queue (which went around the block!) filled with excited fans getting themselves in the mood for the show, singing and dancing in the line.

One group of friends said that they had been waiting since before 11am that morning just to make sure they were in the front row!

It was extremely cold outside that day, there was even some snow so I applaud them for being able to brave the brutal weather for so long. As it got closer to opening time fans grew more and more excited cheering and chanting “WOLF! WOLF!” and then began to make their way into the building and up to the stage.

The first DJ got the crowd warmed up, playing lots of rap and Hip-Hop songs until the show was ready to begin.



It hit 8.30pm and Tyler’s fellow Odd Future member and new DJ, Taco, came out and played his set since there was no opening act. Taco played songs from Lil B to Drake, and once the crowd were at bursting point he then played French from Tyler’s first album.


When the crowd heard the music they went crazy and just at that point Tyler ran on to the stage rapping and jumping around… The crowd lost it! They were jumping, moshing, screaming, singing… everything! Fans were passing out and had to be carried over barriers by the guards and taken off to a back room.

It was CRAZY!



With some help from hypeman Jasper (another Odd Future member) Tyler performed snippets of songs from Bastard, Goblin & The OF Tape Vol. 2, including favourites like Bastard, Seven, Blow, VCR, French, Sandwiches, Yonkers, Nightmare,  Tron Cat, Fish and Sam (Is Dead), to name a few.


As well as performing the older songs, Tyler performed Domo 23, Bimmer, Jamba and IFHY from the new album Wolf, which was the first time he’d ever performed that song, and as you would expect, the crowd went wild!


Between songs he stopped to talk to the crowd, making fun of them calling them assholes and losers and even laughed as they called him names back (with love of course). Tyler ended the show with his verse from Oldie and thanked his fans for coming then left the stage.

Overall, the show was filled with energy, excitement and the perfect event for any fan of Tyler and the Odd Future group and a great preview to the album Wolf, which is out now.