Rita Ora has reportedly been staying at Viva Mayr Clinic in Austria, which has also been described at the ‘world’s toughest fat club’.

Interesting, as she’s not even fat.

The 22-year-old has been undergoing an intense detox at the £1,500 a night clinic and has been taught to chew her 30 to 40 times before she’s allowed to swallow it.

She has also been taking regular amounts of diuretic Epsom salts, drinking Magnesium powder mixed with warm water twice a day, eating small portions od organic food and doing lots and lots of exercise.

Sounds tough!

Suggesting that Rita was taking these drastic measures to be in shape for the summer, an insider told the Mirror:

It’s the most opulent weight loss and detox clinic in the world, and pretty hardcore.

Rita wants to get in perfect shape for the summer and her forthcoming promo appearances. This was a last-ditch, and extreme, measure. Following a detailed examination and fitness test, she was given a rigid diet-and-exercise regime, with a few deep-tissue massages thrown in for good measure.

The food is mainly boiled potatoes and broths, and guests are taught to savour their food by chewing it a minimum of 30 times per mouthful.

The programme set for Rita was designed to be a blueprint for the rest of her life, helping her keep on the straight and narrow.


Beauty is pain, people, beauty is pain.