Despite the video being uploaded on Youtube at the end of February this year, a video of MC English Frank at the Hip Hop Isn’t Dead event has only just started circulating on Twitter.

In the video, English Frank can be heard talking about a security guard saying:

He’s dumb… I’m not trying to be racist but he is African.

After the crowd start booing, English Frank tries to rectify his comment by saying that he isn’t racist and stating:

I’m from Brixton, I’m more African than him.

The host of the show then blames English Frank’s comments on him being drunk.

And whilst the MC is currently trending on Twitter, Skepta decided to share his anger regarding Frank’s comments:





Skepta wasn’t the only one to have an opinion, with many UK urban celebs stating their thoughts:

fekky-english-frank-tweet mic-righteous-english-frank-tweet funky-dee-english-frank-tweet lay-z-english-frank-tweet jamie-howard-english-frank-tweet a-dot-english-frank-tweet jammer-english-frank-tweet

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the video that’s got everyone talking:

So… is it casual racism, or can we blame it on the alcohol?