Tinie Tempah has abandoned LA and revisited south London to finish the recording of his second album to be in simpler surroundings.

Speaking at Esquire’s Little Black Book party, the 24-year-old from Plumstead said:

I started recording in the US, travelling between these amazing studios. The lyrics were there and I was getting stuff down, but something didn’t sound right. Something was missing.

LA’s a strange place and you can get caught up in that world.

Tinie then decided that he needed to strip back his surroundings and go back to basics:

I came back to London and started working in this tiny, plain studio in Greenwich. Straight away it was like boom, boom, boom. The songs and the inspiration just came.

It refocused me, and I think it kept me in check. I think it stopped my head disappearing up my backside and made me reconnect with my music.

Tinie’s second album, Demonstration, is being set up for a September release and he is hoping to bring out two new singles in the run-up:

I’m really pleased with it. All the collaborations I wanted to do came off – I can’t tell you any of them yet though apart from one with Dizzee Rascal.

I think with my song writing, I learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t work with my first record. I think it’s a process that you get better at, and you can hear that in this album.

It only makes sense that Tinie had to come back to where it started for his second album, right?