As spring approaches, so do new fashion trends and the first one I’m going to be looking at is monochrome.

White is a typical colour for spring as it’s fresh and light, but the monochrome look adds another edge with the inclusion of black for sleeker, classic fashion choices.

Monochrome can be worn in a number of ways; black and white can be featured on one item of clothing or a mixture of the two colours can be worn but as long as the colours black, white, or a mixture of the two are included then you can be surer than sure that you’re on trend.

If you’re a lover of colours, you can always wear black and with pieces with hints of colour… possibilities are endless.

Check out some of my fashion ideas to help you get stuck into one of spring’s hottest trends. Click on the prices or images below to be take to the website to purchase.

dress1Cut-out mini dress by Fashion Union – £22

crop-topTextured Crop Top by Miss Selfridge – £20


Stripey High-Waisted Shorts by Forever 21 – £12.75

stripe-blazerStripey Blazer by Forever 21 – £22.75


White Midi Dress by Miss Selfridge – £19

tie-dye-midiTie Dye Midi Dress by Fashion Union – £15

crop-top2Aztec Crop Top by Fashion Union – £10

black-bodyconCut-Out Bodycon Dress by Miss Selfridge – £19


Monochrome Printed Leggings by Miss Selfridge – £22

Are any of these items getting you in the mood for spring fashion? Click on the images or prices of the items to be taken to the website to purchase.

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