Following his performance and q&a session at The Hyperlink Festival, we caught up with Akala to talk some more about his forthcoming album, The Thieves Banquet.

Speaking about where his inspiration for his fourth studio album came from, Akala revealed much of it came from a book by Kenyan author Ngugi wa Thiong’o entitled The Devil’s Cross.


Ngugi wa Thiong’o

The novel – which was allegedly written on toilet paper in his dialect Gikuyu by Thion’o whilst he was detained in Kenya’s Kamiti Maximum Security Prison for his politically provocative writings – provided Akala with some welcomed entertainment as well as the concept of his new album.

For all you budding artists out there, Akala also explained how he came across upcoming artist Tokyo Aoyama’s work and what it was that made him sure he wanted to work with Tokyo on the album’s artwork.


After being introduced to Tokyo Aoyama’s work by a friend, Akala received a reply from the artist within 15 minutes of sending him a Facebook message and said that it was this promptness which assured the rapper that this was the right artist for him.


Akala also didn’t say no to releasing another possible future Ms Dynamite collaboration…fingers crossed this won’t be too far away!


The Thieves Banquet will be released on 27 May, and tickets are now available for the album launch party at XOYO on 3 June. This will be your first chance to see Akala perform all of his new material accompanied by a live band.