Top to Bottom: Back In Black, Raw Grey, Camouflage Green, Kind Of Blue

When the Gosh Cosmetics Spring 2013 edition arrived at the office I was excited to say the least.

They have released a great range for the new season; from a BB Skin Perfecting Kit, to growth serum mascara for your eyelashes, making sure that anyone who picks up this line is armed for spring with an updated makeup collection.

My favourites from the little goodie bag were: the ultimate eyeliner, growth mascara,  nail lacquer and eyeliner.

The Ultimate Eyeliner – £5.99

I love the Ultimate Eyeliner; apart from its stylish packaging, it actually allows you to apply Precisely, so no need to retouch and messes with cotton buds.

The cool thing about the Gosh eyeliner is the little smudger that is attached at the other end of the pencil to blend your liner if you want a rougher look.

And if that wasn’t enough, it’s a twist up pencil so no need for the pencil sharpener ladies.

That being said if you have oily skin, you might want to think about applying just a little more so it lasts longer, or just simply bring it with you.

Verdict: 8/10


Growth Mascara and Growth Serum – mascara: £8.49. growth serum: £14.99

The secret to longer lashes is not a secret anymore, as Gosh’s Growth Mascara  and Growth Serum has hit the selves.

And before you think I’ve lost the plot, here’s a little science lesson for you: the Growth Serum contains two active ingredients; SymPeptide Xlash and Follicusan, which promotes growth and thickens your lashes, meaning naturally longer and fuller lashes.

Ooh la la.

You can even put the serum on your eyebrows to make it thicker for those of you, who want to get your Cara Delevigne on.

The mascara is easy to apply with its slender brush, you can even reach those random lashes in the inner and outer corners, and apply it to your button lashes with ease, without turning yourself into a Dalmatian.

Gosh’s Growth Mascara leaves your eyes feeling light with no clumps; I’d say its a good buy.

Verdict: Mascara – 8/10, Serum – 6/10


L-R: Tilted Blue, Girls On Film, Tropicana, High School Flirt, Venus, Greed

Gosh Nail Lacquer – £4.99

The Gosh Nail Lacquers come in a range of fun and girly shades from the bright orangey red Tropicana to the glitter-tastic Girls On Film.

It’s easy to apply and has good coverage meaning that there’s no need for two coats. It also dries quite quickly, so a quick coat before a night out is possible. However, the same can’t be said for the glitter-based varnishes unless you want to end up looking like you had a glitter war with a toddler.

Verdict: 8/10