Vitamin E Night Cream – £11.00

The cream was pleasant on the skin and the idea that it hydrates the skin overnight wasn’t too bad either. I would use the cream at least three nights out of seven especially after a rough day, though it can be quite harsh on a darker skin tone if used regularly.

The product is quite good for your skin and I would recommend it if your regime has been quite harsh on the skin. It leaves your skin very smooth and ready to start the day.

Verdict: 5/10


Vitamin E Cool BB Cream – £10.00

This is a very good substitute if you do not want a full face of foundation as it is a moisturizing cream that illuminates and would be perfect for holiday and summer use.

However it is only available in one shade, and would not recommend on darker skintones, however it would be suitable for bronze/olive skin tones. For the value of the product, it is a great buy.

Verdict: 6.5/10