Brand: TRESemme

Product: Keratin Smooth Collection (conditioner & heat protection hair spray) – from £5


We were given some samples to try out this week and thankfully they turned out to be from TRESemme, which was much needed for the ever changing weather and, well… let’s just say our hair was in need of some serious TLC!

The conditioner and heat protection hair spray from the Keratin Smooth collection proved to do exactly what it promised with its keratin-based ingredients.

It is great for dry hair and provides a much-needed a boost to knotted hair extensions (Brazilian, Peruvian and many more – a member of the Pappzd team tested it on different hair extensions).

However, excessive usage can cause some breakage and stiffness because of the high levels of protein, so it should be used once in a while for restoring the hair to natural stages.

This makes the Keratin range great for if you’re heading out with the girls on a night out or going a date, and your hair needs some quick-fix reviving.

The heat protection is also really good if you use heat products everyday, as it helps protect hair and leaves it with some shine. However if it is overused then hair can become too greasy and does not have a such great scent to it afterwards.

Verdict: 8/10