Boya Dee has found himself as an unlikely news source as he became an eyewitness to the alleged shooting and beheading incident in Woolwich this afternoon.

Although, no one is sure exactly what has happened yet, Boya Dee managed to fill people in on what he witnessed through his Twitter account:


Whilst the information on any official news sites is scarce (the Metro and The Sun only have a paragraph’s worth of information), Boya Dee’s in-depth account led many people to refer to his Twitter page to find out what was going on:


Maybe we should send Boya Dee down to all the major breaking news events in the future. He’s doing a better job than Sky News who are already calling it an Islamist terror attack!

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has also tweeted

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Update: A YouTube video has emerged of mobile phone footage taken immediately after the attack

ITV News has posted a picture of one of the suspected attackers and Channel 4 News has posted a detailed account of what they know so far.