Following last week’s tragic stabbing of drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich outside the army barracks, Boya Dee was thrust into the limelight as through his Twitter account, he found himself as one of the most sought for eyewitnesses by major news companies who wanted him to tell them his story.

Despite being contacted by reporters from the Sun and Channel 4’s Jon Snow, Boya kept schtum on the whole story, deleting the tweets which explained the incident and turning down a reported £75,000 for his eyewitness account.

However, he hasn’t been quiet or ignoring the issue, as he has since tweeted a link to an article he’s written for The Guardian website, describing his thoughts on the incident.

The article is not an eyewitness account – which is what all the news companies wanted – but rather an intelligent thought piece where Boya Dee discusses his views on humanity, why he chose not to share his story and the culture mix in the UK.

Some comments on the article doubt Boya’s ability to write but Guardian editor Maya Wolfe Robinson shut those statements down by stating:


Some people commended Boya for not taking money for what he saw on that fateful day, whilst others thought he should’ve made the most of the situation. Now, the rapper hasn’t exactly gone against his word but he has still spoken out… What are your thoughts on the article?

Are you impressed or do you think he should’ve kept quiet?

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